José Ignacio Donoso, a CNEP economist, will attend a Master’s program in Public Policies and New Technologies at SciencesPo Paris on a scholarship.

José Ignacio Donoso, an economist at the National Commission for Evaluation and Productivity (CNEP), has been selected as one of the students by SciencesPo University in Paris, which is recognized as the third-best university in the world for political studies, to participate in the Master’s program in Public Policies and New Technologies.

José Ignacio Donoso studied Economics at the University of Chile and completed a Master’s in Finance at the same institution. He has worked as a consultant, researcher, and graduate-level professor at the University of Chile.

At CNEP, he has been involved in various studies since 2021, including topics like Innovation and Technological Adoption in the Financial Sector, Efficiency and Effectiveness of Public Social Spending in the context of the pandemic, Efficiency in the management of Primary Health Care (PHC), Productivity in telecommunications, among others.

The Master’s program, which starts in the coming days, aims to enhance students’ abilities in analyzing, promoting, and managing projects with a public focus on digital transformation, considering their economic, social, legal, political, and ethical implications. The National Agency will cover his scholarship for Research and Development under the Becas Chile program.

We appreciate the contribution that José Ignacio Donoso has made to CNEP over the past two years, demonstrating strong commitment, dedication, and professionalism in each of the projects he participated in.

It’s worth mentioning that previously, other economists who have been part of the CNEP team have been selected by the world’s top universities to pursue postgraduate studies, including Joaquín Gana (UCSD), Camila Arroyo (LSE), Mariana del Río (LSE), Sebastián Espinoza (UCL), among others.