Annual Productivity Reports

Every year, the CNEP conducts an official measurement of productivity for Chile, analyzing the most relevant factors that influenced its performance. Each version also includes specific chapters, called exploratory studies, related to various aspects of the economy and its development.

Annual Productivity Report 2023

The National Commission for Evaluation and Productivity (CNEP) periodically produces an Annual Productivity Report. Unlike previous years, an analysis of labor productivity is incorporated. This Annual Report 2023 version identifies and explains the variation in the country’s total productivity, and that of eight sectors (mining, energy, industry, construction, trade, hotels, restaurants, services, transportation, and communications). Additionally, it will analyze the relationship between the education of professionals in STEM fields (Natural Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and the country’s productivity.

Annual Productivity Report 2022

The Annual Productivity Report 2022 focuses on two specific topics: the definition, scope, and analysis of two new functions performed by the CNEP under an advisory role to improve the quality of regulations and public policies, and the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on human capital.


Annual Productivity Report 2021

The Annual Productivity Report 2021 addresses the evolution of productivity during the pandemic, including productivity in urban areas and data on how the growth of demand affects the productivity of companies.


Annual Productivity Report 2020

The Annual Productivity Report 2020 analyzes the evolution of Chilean productivity and the implications and consequences of COVID-19 on employment, sales, business activity, and added value during 2020. Particular emphasis is given to the effects on SMEs and sectors most affected by health restrictions.


Annual Productivity Report 2019

The Annual Productivity Report 2019 presents official aggregate productivity figures, sectoral productivity data for 2018, corrections, and analysis of employment figures by migration. Additionally, the report reviews the impact of the recommendations made by the CNP proposed between 2016-2017 and discusses data usage and its effect on the country’s productivity.


Annual Productivity Report 2018

The Annual Productivity Report 2018 estimates the growth of the Chilean economy’s total factor productivity (TFP) by 1.3% and 2.3% for the economy without mining. The report also measures productivity without mining since investment and employment dynamics in mining have a slower pace.


Annual Productivity Report 2017

The Annual Productivity Report 2017 estimates a decline for 2017 between -0.7% and -0.1%, heavily influenced by the drop in the mining sector. In contrast, productivity without mining shows a modest increase between 0.2% and 0.9%.


Annual Productivity Report 2016

The Annual Productivity Report 2016 examines the evolution of Chilean productivity and analyzes the most relevant aspects that drive higher and more sustained economic growth. The report estimates that global productivity fell between -0.5% and -1.0%, dragged down again by the decline in mining productivity and lower utilization of productive capacity due to weak demand not fully captured by cyclical adjustment indices. Non-mining productivity is estimated to have grown between 0.3% and 0.9% in 2016.