Advise and support the Government of Chile in formulating studies, analyzing, and implementing policies and reforms that encourage productivity.

Develop actions to improve the quality of current regulations and those under study. This consultancy focuses on two areas: on the one hand, by measuring the impact of new regulations, and on the other, by reviewing those that already exist to assess their coherence.

Advise the Undersecretariat for Social Evaluation and the Budget Office (DIPRES) regarding the evaluation of public policies and programs. The CNEP must carry out studies and proposals to promote and strengthen these functions, methodologies, monitoring, and evaluation mechanisms within this role.

Define regulatory, management, and administrative obstacles, lack of public goods, coordination instances, or access to capital that restrict entrepreneurship and development, and propose recommendations to address the problem.

Provide information to the public and private sectors on productivity, aiming to generate knowledge and facilitate decision-making.

Create open and participatory spaces for coordination and socialization with citizens and stakeholders interested in the topics studied by the CNEP.

Report on the progress of the policies and programs analyzed and the proposals it wishes to present to the President of the Republic for the proper fulfillment of the country’s productivity policy.

Analyze the progress of the policies and programs recommended by the CNEP.